Please ordering in our company if buying and selling scrap purchase, nickel or cobalt, etc.

Corporate history

July 1969
Stainless section of sales dep. Of Nisshin Corporation, which handled left-over stainless and scraps, was reorganized and was changed its name gYamada Special Metal Companyh by YAMADA Chiaki.
July 1980
YAMADA Chiaki came in the chairman, and NISHIO Masahiro came in the President.
Jan. 1995
Our headquarters was moved from Kobe city to Kakogawa city due to the Great Hanshinn-Awaji Earthquakes.
Apr. 1998
Toyama Office started running.
Sep. 2005
NISHIO Masahiro came in General Counsel, HAMASAKI Hideo came in President.
Dec. 2006
Headquarters was relocated to Takasago.
Oct. 2011
Nisshin Metallics Corporation started running.
Aug. 2013
HAMASAKI Hideo came in General Counsel, OCHI Isato came in President.
Sep. 2017
We merged Nisshin Metallics Corporation.




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